Root Canal Treatment – A Basic Guide

Root canal treatment also known as endodontic therapy or nerve extraction is one of the least popular dental procedures, probably because of the name of this procedure which makes people think about pain. However, the truth is that this procedure is not very painful because with every modern dentist uses local anesthesia and most people who have […]

How to protect your teeth?

Teeth inevitably decline with the aging process and this is a completely natural process. However, there are certain things that each of us can do in order to protect your teeth and make them last longer. In the following article we will describe some processes that lead to tooth decay and the things that we […]

How can we tell whether the implant will integrate into the bone or not?

Every experienced dentist knows that one of the most important success factors when it comes to implant integration is the amount of jawbone and proximity to important anatomical structures such as sinus and serves. In order to install an implant that will last a lifetime, the dentist needs to find a way to surround this implant with […]

Healing teeth vs Implants

Should I fight for my tooth or accept its removal? Unfortunately, there is only a small number of people who don’t face this dilemma in their lifetime. If we know that hardly anyone today wants to extract a tooth and not replace it with an artificial one, the main question is whether it is worth […]