General Dentist

We have a bustling dental clinic and are looking for someone who is willing to be a part of our great team!

We allow you to be as independent as you like so that your job, patient care, and dentistry can all be taken care of.

It is important that you are able diagnose and treat any diseases, abnormalities or gum disease, as well as perform preventative and surgical procedures.


  • The dentist will examine the patient’s mouth and any associated tissues.
  • By diagnosing the conditions of the patients, plan the patient’s dental healthcare course and work closely with all stakeholders (dental surgeons, patients, doctors).
  • You can repair decayed and damaged teeth by contouring, restoring, replacing, and removing teeth; applying fillers; taking impressions of existing teeth; prescribing crowns; or prescribing partial dentures and dental bridges.
  • Gum disease treatment and preservation of soft tissue.
  • Root canal treatments and the preservation of tooth nerves.


DMD/DDS from a dental education programme accredited by Commission on Dental Accreditation

To practice dentistry and provide services, you must be either eligible or have a valid license.

Other certifications may be required by states, including CPR, DEA and others.

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Dental assistant

  • You will be required to assist the patient in a chair during treatment.
  • Begin by greeting the patients and leading them to the appropriate exam room.
  • For the dentist and dental hygienist, they will check your medical record, dental record, and any other pertinent documents.
  • Preparing the patient for treatment and examination, including placing the bib.
  • We will be able provide tools and supplies in all exam rooms.
  • A dentist oversees the laboratory and Xray tasks.
  • Visitors and patients are to be treated with respect.
  • Find out the wishes of patients and give them all the information.
  • Make sure all patients are well taken care of

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