Braces can make flossing and brushing difficult. To maintain good oral hygiene, it is important to floss and brush after every meal.

For brushing, use a soft-bristled tooth brush and fluoride toothpaste. Brush your teeth below and over the archwires. For any further information, contact us. Proxabrush, which is a small brush that has a tufted top, can be used as long as it fits.

Inadequate brushing will lead to plaque buildup around the braces, which can cause white spots and other problems. These spots will remain for life and become more obvious after you take off your braces.

Do not forget to FLOOSE!

It is important to floss your teeth at least once a day. You should floss daily at least once. A flosser can make flossing much easier. Pull the floss along the loop of your threader and push the straight side under the wire. Be sure to floss both the front and back of each tooth. Superfloss can make flossing easier. It has a stiff straight end with a tufted central section. To floss between your teeth, thread the wire’s stiff end through the wire. Braces might require a special flosser. The thin arm can be slipped under the archwire, and each tooth will be flossed. You may be asked to use special tools and rinses to ensure a thorough job.

Flossing should be done with care. The process is made easier by threaders. Pull the floss along the threader’s loop. Push the straight end down below the wire, and then pull the floss through. Be sure to floss on both sides of the tooth. Superfloss makes it easier because it has a straightened and stiffened end with a tufted middle. The firm end should be below the wire. Then, floss from the tufted section. You will need a flosser that is specifically designed for braces. You just need to slide the slim arm beneath the archwire, and then floss every tooth. More tools are available to assist you in completing the task.

A few more tips to help you succeed

Braces should be avoided when you eat. Sticky or chewy foods can cause problems when cleaning braces. You can cut hard foods into smaller pieces to eat them. We’ll gladly assist you in making braces feel comfortable. We can provide wax to cover the areas that become irritating if they do. We can help if wires break or become loose. For a straight smile and healthy teeth, visit your dentist often.