Teeth inevitably decline with the aging process and this is a completely natural process. However, there are certain things that each of us can do in order to protect your teeth and make them last longer. In the following article we will describe some processes that lead to tooth decay and the things that we can do in order to slow down or eliminate these processes.
Teeth are very strong, but they are not unbreakable
Although there are many people who believe that teeth become less resistant to mechanical damage and become brittle with the aging process, this is not correct. Tooth decay comes from many different reasons – the high amount of seals, certain disorders and damages lead to tooth decay. Most of these problems occur gradually due to improper bite which is one of the consequences of avoiding visiting a dentist on a regular basis. In addition, even individuals who have a proper bite often squeeze their teeth too much which is problem of a psychological nature that comes as a result of increased stress levels. In addition to being relaxed when you are eating, you should also avoid chewing solid food very fast. In this way you will avoid problems related to chewing nuts, bones and other foods that have solid parts and have the ability to damage your teeth.
Learn more about acids
The remains of sugary foods and cereal products ferment in the mouth, causing the bacteria that are not harmful to produce acids that are very dangerous for the teeth. This leads to formation of small holes in the teeth and you can expect to witness caries soon. One of the most dangerous things is consumption of carbonated beverages. Reducing the intake of pasta and bread, elimination of carbonated drinks and elimination of snacks can lower the amount of acid in your mouth and protect your teeth.
Discoloration of teeth can be avoided
Some popular drinks and foods can permanently change the color of teeth. It is good to point out that this discoloration doesn’t affect the health of the teeth. Some drinks that can affect the color of teeth are tea, coffee and red wine. In addition, passionate smokers can experience this change too. If you cannot change your habit, try to brush your teeth more frequently and a little bit longer. Finally, you can use a teeth whitening procedure.