The dentures will need to be adjusted because they are too hard on your soft teeth. Because dentures are an artificial replacement for your teeth, there are limitations. To keep your dentures secure and healthy, follow these steps:


You shouldn’t eat with dentures before you are completely comfortable with them. It will take some time before they can replace all of your natural teeth. You can start by eating small amounts of food. Once you feel comfortable with your denture, increase the amount. As you gain confidence, you’ll be able eat more variety of food.


Clean your dentures and your mouth daily. Use a toothbrush with soft bristles or a denture brush to clean the area. Warm water is sufficient. Be sure to scrub each denture’s surface.

Avoid harsh cleaners as they can scratch the polished surface. Make sure to rinse the denture well before you place it back in your mouth. To clean the entire denture area, use a medium-sized toothbrush. If not removed every day, a plaque-like substance can build up on your denture.

You can rest your mouth

You should remove the denture when you are asleep, particularly if it has been for a while. This will provide rest for your mouth.

Maintaining a Fit Body

Each year, at least one dentist will evaluate the fit and bite force of the dentures. Adjustments to dentures should be made according to how they fit in your mouth. It is best to leave this job to a professional.


The saliva production will rise after dentures are placed in your mouth.

Sore Spots

Mild irritation can occur around the denture after it has been inserted. It is possible to have the denture re-aligned by your dentist. The dentures should be stopped if there is excessive pain. However, the dentist can diagnose irritation by observing the denture for at least three hours prior to the adjustment.


This isn’t a problem because it stops after a while.


The denture can cause speech problems. It may seem embarrassing but it’s not a major problem. The denture doesn’t last for more than one week. You can adapt by speaking loudly.