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We have the expertise to design non-removable dental prostheses for all ages. We are proud of the products we have created. It has made us stand out from our competitors. Our easy-to-wear dentures can be used by those who require full dentures and not partial.
All dentures are custom-made to fit the gums and do not require adhesives. The dentures are lightweight and easy to clean. It is simple to brush the dentures and it feels similar to having your natural teeth back in place. It is better to get a complete mouth denture than a mouthful. Call us at 203-858-5322 for more details.
For denture wearers new and old
Dentures are a complicated job. It is best to design them according to the patient’s internal structure. This allows for the fabrication of the denture prior to the extractions.
The patient can place the denture immediately after removing the affected tooth.
  • To maintain their confident outlook and appearance
  • To ensure that the delicate areas of the surgical procedure are not damaged during the healing process.
  • You can get used to your dentures.
We have created a state of the art laboratory to ensure all finished products are free from manufacturer’s defects and faults. The Denture Laboratory at the site is well-equipped with all the required equipment. It allows us be in sync with changes occurring globally in the medical industry. Trumbull and Bridgeport CT & Partials / Complete Dentures
  • Cast Flexipartial –For a comfortable, aesthetically pleasing fit, made of flexible, nonmonomer material.
  • Flexi-partialFully flexible, non-toxic and skin-friendly material. This product is highly aesthetic and comfortable.
  • Cast PartialsCombining acrylic with skin-friendly metallic framework
Acrylic Partials For a perfect shape in transitional partials, combine acrylic with clasps