Crown Lengthening

Tooth Revival – Crowns Trumbull and Bridgeport CT It is essential to have a healthy and strong dental structure in order to restore a tooth. The crown lengthening treatment is recommended if the tooth is severely damaged or infected close to the gum. By removing a small amount of gum or bone, you can reach the firm portion of your tooth structure. What happens during the surgery After the pain subsides, the small hole is made in the affected area. Next, the gums will be gently lifted and pulled out of the tooth. To reveal the natural tooth structure and gum tissue, the bone and gum tissue are removed. To accelerate recovery, the area is stitched.

After the recovery period (a couple of weeks), the tooth’s core is prepared. The crown acts as a shield and protection for the infected tooth.

The crown lengthening process allows the tooth to bind to the gum strongly and revives it.