A Few Things You Can Do to Protect your Teeth

There are many people who have noticed that their teeth look bad or that they have become sensitive to cold and hot foods and drinks and some of them have found traces of tooth decay. They usually wonder how this happens when they have good oral hygiene. Well, the truth is that certain bad habits […]

What is cosmetic dentistry?

A cosmetic dental treatment includes all dental interventions that enhance your smile. Some of these interventions include teeth whitening, tooth fillings with modern aesthetic materials, veneers on front teeth and making highly aesthetic bridges and crowns. Tooth fillings with aesthetic materials Modern aesthetic materials, white fillings, require a specific preparation of the tooth surface after […]

Sedation – an efficient solution for dental fear

Fear of dentists, or fear of dental procedures to be more precise, is something that every dentist encounters on a daily basis. There is only a small number of people who are feeling completely relaxed when they are visiting their dentist. The rest of the patients usually feel certain level of nervousness and stress. Fear is […]