Diabetes and oral health

In case you are suffering from diabetes you should know that the high level of blood sugar affects the entire body including teeth and gums. No matter if you are dealing with type 1 diabetes and type 2 diabetes, maintain the level of blood sugar is crucial. The higher the level, the greater risk for […]

Dental health in children

There are many parents who are wondering when they should make the first visit to the dentist’s office with their children. It is perfect to make the first checkup before the first birthday of the kid. The most common cause of caries in children is consumption of sweetened drinks and food from bottles without washing […]

A Few Basic Rules to Keep Your Teeth Healthy

Dentists are professionals who take care of the oral health of every individual. They monitor the situation in the mouth of each patient on their regular checkups and depending on the needs they provide suitable advice. However, we should all keep in mind that each of us should maintain proper oral hygiene. Personal hygiene and […]