The lack of one or more teeth is very common not only among adults, but also among a large number of children and therefore represents a significant problem for modern dentistry. Edentulism s a syndrome and condition characterized by a loss of permanent teeth in the dental arch of the lower or upper jaw. This […]

Dental cysts and granuloma

Periapical lesion is a term used to describe various inflammatory changes and processes around the tip of the root (in the bone surrounding the tooth). There are many things that can cause these changes and the most common one is the infection of the dental pulp, or tooth nerve to be more precise, which occurs […]

Common problems with third molars

The third molar, also known as wisdom tooth, is the eighth and last tooth that grows in the jaw. It usually appears in the 20s when a person becomes ‘wise”. This is actually a residue of evolution when people needed all their teeth for crushing and grinding hard food. Today, these teeth, because of the […]

Bad breath – causes and treatment

Bad breath, also known as halitosis, can be caused by many factors such as food, decayed teeth, gum disease, cigarette smoking, dry mouth, diseases of the sinuses or airways, certain general health conditions, use of certain medications or inadequate oral hygiene. Your dentist can help you find the exact cause of this phenomenon and if […]

An introduction to gingivitis and periodontal diseases

Gingivitis and periodontal disease belong to the group of diseases of the supporting apparatus of teeth. According to numerous international studies, these diseases, in addition to dental caries, are the most widespread diseases in humans. It is believed that the vast majority of adults and about 30% of children have this disease and what makes […]

Avoiding Bad Breath – How caring for your teeth and mouth can reduce bad breath

Bad breath is a huge turnoff to people.  Meeting people for the first time may wind up being your last time if your breath stinks!  Bad breath and halitosis can make you feel self conscious and embarrassed.  However, your dental professional can recommend you good ideas on how to combat bad breath.  This may in […]