Natural Toothpaste Alternatives

Many commercial toothpastes are full of chemicals and ingredients that can actually be harmful to our bodies particularly over the longer term. Yes, it is true that you can purchase ‘natural toothpaste’ but even with some of these it is worth checking out the ingredients just to make sure that the substitutes they have made […]

Natural Toothache Cures

It is the middle of the night or a national holiday and there are few chemists or dentists open and even those that are happen to be located miles away. And then it happens…dreaded toothache strikes and causing pain that you can only relate to if you have experienced it yourself. If you are lucky […]

What To Do If You Have a Toothache

This may sound familiar.  You order your favorite lunchtime meal, sit down at your desk and bite into it.  You use your incisors (four front teeth) to rip into it and push it to the side of your mouth to start chewing when BAM, the pain hits you like a ton of bricks!  You grab […]

Protecting Your Protection: Ways to Care for Your Tooth Enamel

Tooth enamel is your first and last line of defense against the outside world.  It is like a force field, shielding your teeth from external physical damage, protecting it from extreme changes in temperature, and combating some of the harmful effects of chemical reactions from the foods you eat.  It is considered the hardest substance […]