Is It Essential To See My Regular Dentist Before My Cosmetic Dentist?

If you have a cosmetic dentistry procedure coming up it may be essential that you go and visit your general dentist first to ensure that your cosmetic dentist is able to perform the cosmetic dental procedure.  By visiting your general dentist, he may be able to eliminate certain risk factors that would likely alleviate your […]

Dentists Save Lives

Think about the people who come to mind when you think about saving lives: firemen, policemen, emergency room physicians.  But did you know that dentists can also save your life?  Your dentist knows a lot more about your overall health than you may think.  By interpreting signs and symptoms appearing in your mouth your dentist […]

Choosing the Right Dentist For Your Child

So you have a dentist you’ve been going to for most of your adult life.  The dentist seems nice enough and you’ve had your occasional cavities filled with minimal issue.    Now, later in your life, you’re fortunate enough to have a child who also needs dental care.  Now think back to when you were a […]

Getting Over the Fear of Going to the Dentist

As if it were programmed into our genes, it seems as though many of us have this fear of going to the dentist.  Maybe it is because of media influence; television movies, or maybe you had a bad experience as a child.  Nonetheless, many people suffer from the fear of going to the dentist and […]