Proper Flossing Technique

Learning the proper way to floss your teeth and finding the right technique is essential for good oral hygiene.  The reason why we floss is to serve as a compliment to regular brushing of your teeth.  Sometimes when we brush, we miss the plaque and food particles that get caught between our teeth in under […]

How And Why You Should Whiten Your Teeth

When we smile we project a strong, positive vibe that can impact the people around you.   That’s why having a bright, white smile should be an important part of your dental hygiene.  A brighter smile casts the impression of vitality, warmth, and good health.  Your smile can also help in your career, in your social […]

What To Do If You Have A Cracked Tooth

Although our teeth are durable, there may be instances that cause a tooth or many teeth to become cracked.  Having a cracked tooth is in most cases curable, but still an annoyance to deal with.  With proper care and a good dentist, you can have your smile back to its best. First lets examine the […]

Which Toothbrush Is Right For Me: Electric or Manual?

When choosing between an electric toothbrush and a manual toothbrush there are certain factors to keep in mind.  Both toothbrushes will do the job of cleaning your teeth, fighting plaque, removing bacteria and wiping bacteria off the gums.   However, when it comes to efficiency and quality versus price and availability your decision may be a […]