How Important is Oral Hygiene To Overall Health?

Not having good oral hygiene doesn’t just cause problems with your teeth and mouth, but can also lead to problems with your overall health including cardiovascular disease, pregnancy, and diabetes.  Read on to learn the link between oral hygiene and these diseases. Mouth Health and Overall Health – The Missing Link Scientists have attributed much […]

7 Habits of Highly Effective Dental Care

Playing off the title of the famous Stephen Covey publication, this article will focus on maintaining optimal care for your Dental Hygeine by forming proven and successful habits. Habit 1 – Brush At Least Twice Daily If nothing else, remember that brushing your teeth with an ADA recommended toothbrush at least twice daily is the […]

Mysteries of the Mouth: The Hit New Oral Hygiene Musical

In order to understand how to better your oral hygiene you must know what other parts of your mouth exist beyond teeth and how to care for them.  Read on to learn more about the mysteries of the mouth and how we compare it to a Broadway musical. The Teeth – Stars of the Show […]