An introduction to malocclusion of the teeth

Even ancient Egyptians and ancient Assyrians had physicians who were exclusively engaged in oral and dental problems and diseases. On the skulls found in prehistoric archaeological sites, archeologists have found primitive humans with teeth that are irregularly aligned. The first interventions in such cases included extraction of some teeth. Later, people have come to the […]

A Few Things Everyone Should Know About Teeth Whitening

Teeth whitening is one of the most common dental procedures today and it seems that more and more patients are interested in it. One of the main reasons for teeth whitening is to get better appearance of the teeth. Both completely healthy and partially healthy teeth can be whitened and this procedure is often performed […]

Why do you need dental implants?

The loss of only one or several teeth leads to many serious problems in the process of chewing which ultimately affects many other functions of the body. In addition, this occurrence results in aesthetic problems too and creates numerous inconveniences in everyday communication. Although all these problems are very serious one other bigger problem that […]