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The dentists at our Bridgeport & Trumbull offices have the ability and know-how to handle all of your dental needs. Patients throughout Bridgeport & Trumbull continue to come to us to help them solve a variety of dental issues. At Dental Associate Group, LLC, we pride ourselves on the relationships that we have built with our clients, and we want to further that reputation for great customer service and quality results.

The team at Dental Associate Group works their hardest to ensure high quality dental treatments to our patients while creating a comfortable and relaxing environment to all.

Achieving great oral health and a top notch smile is our goal for each one of our patients. If you have any concerns, we will work with you to answer any questions and explain any process you may wish to undergo. Our staff's main priority is always the patient.

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It is our promise to deliver great dental care - but also fair pricing to each and every one of our patients.

Dental Procedures

Orthodontist Dentures IV Sedation
Oral Surgery Digital X-Ray Nitrous Oxide / Laughing Gas
Prosthodontist Dental Fillings Scaling and Root Planing
Root Canals Whitening Dental Veneers
Crowns and Bridges Implantology Crown Lengthening

General Dentistry

Whether you are dealing with an aching tooth or a need for a cleaning, Dental Associate Group, LLC can help . We provide the most caring dentists in our Bridgeport & Trumbull offices.


We have served numerous patients, and we are focused on creating a quality experience that will keep you coming back to our office for your other dental and orthodontic needs.