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A common procedure in general dentistry, especially in cosmetic dentistry, is tooth whitening or dental bleaching. It is a general observation that adults have a darker shade of teeth as compared to children. One’s food habits and oral hygiene are major factors behind such discoloration of the enamel. The shiny bright teeth that children have are due to the absence of toxic substances like tobacco, cigarettes, alcoholic beverages and aerated drinks in their diet. As people grow older their changing diet causes the enamel to become less porous due to the change of its mineral structure. Tetracycline and other similar antibiotic medications can also compromise the whiteness of the teeth.

There are several options for teeth whitening procedures that patients may choose from as per their convenience. The most effective teeth whitening procedure is in-office bleaching. The process involves a direct application of the whitening product on the patient’s teeth. Use of heat/ laser/ special light may also be added to the procedure if required. The process requires the use of equipments aid in speedy recovery and hastens the teeth whitening process. The only probable drawback of this method is that the patient may need a number of appointments before getting the desired results.

Laser treatment is another option for teeth whitening that is able to obtain results after the first sitting. Although, this laser-enhanced bleaching gives quick results, it is not a permanent solution. The whiteness may start to fade after a month of the procedure if the individual consumes tobacco, alcohol or other such harmful substances that cause staining. However, if the person is able to restrain himself/herself from smoking and similar activities, the whiteness may last longer than a year.

Thus, the choice of the teeth whitening procedure must be made taking into consideration the individual’s habits, nature of the stains and conditions of the teeth.

Power Whitening Procedure