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Removable & Non-Removable Dentures/Prosthodontist Trumbull CT

We are specialists in designing non-removable dentures for patients belonging to all age groups. The products designed by us have put us in the forefront of our competitors as it painted a clear picture of us as a leader in denture manufacturing. People who need to wear full dentures instead of partial ones can benefit from our easy to wear dentures.

All of our dentures are made to fit the gums of the user without the use of any form of adhesives. The material used in the making of the dentures is lightweight and skin friendly. Brushing is easy, and the experience is similar to that of having your natural teeth back in your mouth. Instead of going for a mouthful of dental implants, it is best that one goes for a full mouth denture. For further details, you can give us a call at 203-794-0000

For new denture users

Designing a denture is a tedious job, and it is best if they are designed as per the internal structure of the patient’s mouth. It is a simple process that means fabrication of the denture before the teeth are being extracted.

Immediate placement of the denture post removal of the affected tooth allows any patient to:

  • To maintain their overall confident outlook and appearance
  • To keep the sensitive areas that underwent surgical procedures protected as long as the healing process goes on
  • To start getting used to your dentures

We have put together a state-of-the-art laboratory that allows us to make sure all of our finished products are free from faults and manufacturer’s side faults. The on-site Denture Laboratory is equipped with all the necessary equipment and machinery. It allows us to be in-sync with the changes that occur globally in the medical field.

Prosthodontist Trumbull CT & Partials / Full Dentures

  • Cast Flexi-partial – made from flexible, non-monomer material which is combined with skin-friendly metal casing for an aesthetically pleasing comfortable fit
  • Flexi-partial – made from fully flexible skin-friendly, non-toxic material that is high on aesthetics and overall comfort
  • Cast Partials – Acrylic combined with skin-friendly metal framework

Acrylic Partials – clasps combined with acrylic for attaining that perfect shape in a transitional partial

Full Denture Procedure

Flexible Partial Denture Procedure

Immediate Denture Procedure

Partial Denture Procedure

Over Denture Procedure