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Flossing and brushing are not easy, particularly while using braces. The wires and brackets catch plaque and food, so it is wise to floss and brush after each meal to maintain oral hygiene.

Use a soft-bristled brush and fluoride toothpaste for brushing. Brush appropriately below and above the archwires. Contact us if you have any doubts regarding this matter. Proxabrush, a small brush having a tufted head is good to use as it fits appropriately.

Not brushing regularly will increase the plaque buildup near the braces and create bad looking white spots on the teeth. These spots are permanent and more visible after taking off the braces.


Flossing is also essential for your teeth. You need to be diligent about flossing at least once a day. A threader can make flossing easier. Pull the floss all through the loop of the threader, and push the straight end under the wire, pulling the floss through. Make sure you floss both sides of every tooth. Superfloss might also make the job easier. It has a stiff, straight end and a tufted center section. Thread the stiff end under the wire, and use the tufted portion to floss between your teeth. We may suggest using a special flosser made just for braces. You simply slip the thin arm under the archwire and floss each tooth. We may also recommend special tools and rinses to help you do a more thorough job.

Flossing is a very important and one must be careful while doing it. Threaders make the process easier. Pull the floss all through the threader’s loop, push the straight end below the wire and then pull the floss through. Remember to floss on each side of the tooth. Superfloss can make the process easier as it has a straight and stiff end and a tufted center. First, thread the firm end below the wire and use the tufted area to floss. Keep a special flosser, designed mainly for braces. All you have to do is slide the slim arm below the archwire and then floss every tooth. There are more tools which will help you in doing the work thoroughly.


While eating with braces, take special care. Do not eat sticky or chewy foods as they make cleaning the braces difficult. Cut hard foods into a smaller size to consume them. We will gladly help you in making your braces comfortable. If it gets irritating, we will give you a wax to shield the area. If the wires become loose or break, contact us. Regularly visit your dentist and take good care of them to ensure straight and healthy teeth with a beautiful smile.

Care of Adult Braces