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Dentist Trumbull Connecticut & IV Sedation

What do you mean by IV sedation dentistry?

IV is an acronym for intravenous, in which the sedative medication is given in the veins. It is the most preferred option, due to its rapid effect.

What is the methodology of IV sedation?

A small needle, placed in your elbow or on your hand, disperses the IV sedation medication.

What to do if I’m scared of needles?

Many people are scared of needles, which makes the process challenging. Although the sensation is very similar to a slight prick or a pinch, oral sedation is possible. Request your dentist to give you an oral sedation before and after they inject the medicine.

What are the advantages of IV sedation?

The aim behind IV sedation is to make you feel relaxed and comfortable about the procedure. This is necessary to allow the doctor to work correctly and solve your issues. It eradicates pain and anxiety, but you will be able to listen to the dentist. The sedation will help you even when you find it difficult to sit on a dental chair. You will be oblivious to the smells, sounds, and sights of the clinic when sedated. The dentist can decrease or increase the amount of sedation depending on your comfort level. Another advantage is that the medication works work quickly, helping to complete the procedure as soon as possible.

How long does it take to recover?

The recovery time is not the same for every patient. Many people get back to their senses as soon as the IV medication stops. Avoid operating massive machines or driving for 24 hours post your appointment. The dentist will help you if there are any signs of nausea. Drink lots of water and get ample sleep after the surgery. Ask your dentist for the actual recovery time and all the precautions. There are many cases of reducing pain post-treatment, the cause of which might be the patient’s relaxation which allows the doctor to perform well.

Does dental insurance include the cost of IV sedation?

It depends on the patient’s dental insurance plan. Generally, the insurance does cover the IV sedation’s cost. Ask your insurance company about this matter before you fix an appointment. The Dental Associates Group has the best dentists in Trumbull Connecticut, who are experts in IV sedation also.

IV Sedation Procedure