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Dental Implants Trumbull CT

Dental implants use a titanium root that is screwed into place, onto the jawbone to provide support to the implant above. It is one of the most effective tools used in dentistry for providing support to a tooth, or a group of teeth needs replacement due to damage.

Technically speaking all root-based dental implants are endosseous implants. In other words, they are similar to the natural looking teeth that the person has lost or about to lose. These implants are placed onto the bone where the titanium post osseointegrates with the jaw bone. Osseo-integration is a crucial step that makes sure the implant resembles and feels similar to that of a natural tooth.

Our dentists are capable and experienced enough to make a diagnosis with the facts at hand and begin with the medical procedures right away.

Dental implants are mostly used for supporting a number of dental implants that include crowns, prosthesis, supports for supporting dentures and bridges. They are also used as an anchorage for orthodontic movement of the teeth. Making use of dental implants allows users to use their jaws and teeth in a unidirectional manner. We at Dental Associate Group LLC make sure that our services are up to the mark and are at par with the international dental standards.

What is an Implant?

Single Implant Procedure

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Diagnosing Bone Loss

Implant Augmentation Procedure

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