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Dentures, informally called as false or fake teeth, are actually prosthetic tools made for replacing missing teeth. The oral cavity’s hard and soft tissues support this device. There are numerous designs, other than the traditional ones, some of which rely on the clasping of the device onto the teeth. On the basis of their purpose (to replace the maxillary arch or the mandibular arch), there are two categories

  1. Full Dentures Portrait Plus – We use quality porcelain teeth for high aesthetics. Portrait – Portrait IPN teeth are used for exceptional aesthetics and durability. Natural (A-Z denture)
  2. Full Dentures Portrait Plus – High-quality porcelain teeth is used for better aesthetics.
  3. Portrait – We use PortraitIPN teeth for better durability and visuals.
  4. Partials Cast Flexi-Partial – Includes an elastic non-monomer mixed with eco-friendly metals for precise fitting and comfort.
  5. Flexi-Partial – an utterly flexible material for high aesthetics and comfort.
  6. Cast-Partials – eco-friendly metal mixed with acrylic.

Acryclic Partials- partial transitional dentures designed using clasps and acrylic.

Flexible Partial Denture Procedure

Full Denture Procedure

Immediate Denture Procedure

Partial Denture Procedure

Overdenture Procedure

Adjust and Reline Dentures

Alternatives to Full Dentures

Alternatives to Partial Dentures