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Since the dentures are stable and hard on your soft mouth, they will have to be adjusted to make them comfortable. Since dentures are an artificial substitute for the teeth, they have their limitations. Follow the given steps to keep your mouth healthy and dentures safe:


Do not eat with dentures until you are comfortable with them. They will take some time to replace your natural teeth completely. Begin with eating small sizes of food in fewer amounts; increase them after you feel well-adjusted to the denture. With growing confidence, you will be able to eat different types of food.


Always clean your dentures and mouth. Use a denture brush or a toothbrush with soft bristles for the same with warm water. Remember to scrub the surface of each denture. Stay away from harsh cleaners which will cause roughness on the polished surface. Rinse the denture properly before putting it back into your mouth. Keep a medium-sized toothbrush to clean the whole area which the denture covers. A plaque-like substance may grow on the denture, and if not removed by brushing every day it will cause severe damage.

Resting Your Mouth

Remove the denture after some time for several hours, especially when you sleep. This will give rest to your mouth.

Maintaining the Fit

The dentist will analyze the biting force and the fitting of the dentures every year at least once. The dentures need re-adjustment according to the changing figure of the mouth, to make sure they don’t put pressure on the mouth. Do not adjust them yourself as this a matter of a professional.


After the dentures are inserted into your mouth, saliva production will increase.

Sore Spots

There can be mild irritation around the newly inserted denture. Ask the dentist to re-align it, and the irritation will be gone. Excess pain will prompt you to stop using the dentures. But, if you wear the denture at least three hours before the adjustment, the dentist will be able to detect the reason for irritation.


This is not a significant problem as it stops after some time.


Your speech will be disturbed because of the new denture. It might seem embarrassing, but it is rarely a problem and doesn’t stay for more than a week. Reading loudly will help in adapting to the problem.

Post-op Instructions for Dentures