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Crowns Trumbull CT

Crowns Trumbull CT

It typically takes two to four visits to the dentist to take care of crowns and bridges completely. The teeth are made ready, and the molds of the mouth are prepared in the first visit. For protecting the teeth while the custom restoration is complete, temporary bridges or crowns are placed. The lips, roof of the mouth and the tongue will be numb because the teeth will be anesthetized. Avoid consuming anything hot until the numbness is gone.

A temporary restoration might come off at times, in which case you must contact us. Try placing it back in its position and see if it fixes itself. If that doesn’t happen, take the temporary ones to one of our clinics and our experts will re-cement it. The temporary must be fixated at one place to avoid the movement of other teeth from altering the fit of the final restoration.

Avoid eating any sticky and hard food and try chewing on the other side of your mouth, to keep the temporary in place. You can brush in the usual way but take special care while flossing. Pull the floss towards the side of the temporary and not through the space of contact.

Pressure and temperature sensitivity are normal, and they should end after some weeks when the final restoration is placed. Use the pain medications prescribed by our doctors only. If there is a continuous pain or any other problem, contact your dentist.

Post-op Instructions for a Permanent Crown

Post-op Instructionsfor a Temporary Crown

Post-op Instructions for Crowns Trumbull CT