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Crown Lengthening

Tooth Revival – Crowns Trumbull CT

A robust and healthy dental structure is a must for restoring a tooth.

If the tooth is infected near the gum or mostly broken, then one should consider the crown lengthening treatment.

The firm part of the tooth structure could be accessed by eliminating a piece of the gum or the tooth bone.

What Happens during the surgery

As soon as the affected area is sensation-less with the help of a local anesthetic, a small hole is made, and the gums are then gently lifted and pulled away from the tooth.

The gum tissue and the bone are cut accordingly to reveal the natural tooth structure, which will make a reliable base to hold the crown and will also keep a significant distance between the gumline and the bone.

The operated area is stitched then to accelerate the recovery process.

The core of the tooth is prepared and made to ready for the crown after the post-operative holiday ( a couple of weeks or so ). The crown adds protection to the infected tooth and also acts as its shield.

The crown lengthening process helps the tooth to bind strongly to the gum and revives it, which could have been uprooted, and keeps the area where the tooth touches the crown easy to access and brush.

Crown Lengthening

Crowns Trumbull CT