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Crowns Trumbull CT & Trumbull CT Dental Office

What is a Crown?Crown is a cap made from various materials that are suitable for placing in the mouth, on top of an affected tooth or teeth. It is compatible with the delicate muscle tissue of the gums that enables it to be strong enough for withstanding biting and chewing. It is mostly used to restore a damaged tooth that cannot be surgically removed from the mouth back into its operational state.

Why is a dental crown needed?It is essential for:

  • Rebuilding of broken, worn down or decayed teeth/tooth
  • For holding together parts of cracked tooth in place and keep them functioning properly
  • Restoration of broken, damaged or severely worn out tooth/teeth back to their operational state
  • Supporting teeth with large fillings
  • For securing dental bridges into place
  • For cosmetic enhancement of deformed teeth or to whiten severely discolored teeth
  • For covering up a dental implant

What is a dental bridge?

A dental bridge is a cosmetic enhancement made to fit between two separate crowns made from porcelain. The primary role of a dental bridge is to fill a gap that is left behind by a previously set implant or a mission tooth. It can be considered as a fixed bridge that cannot be removed at will like a partial denture.


The crowns are put into their place on top of a damaged tooth and cemented to its place. When the procedure is done, only the porcelain portion remains above the surface of the gum.

3-Unit Bridge Procedure

Cantilever Bridge Procedure

Maryland Bridge Procedure

Crowns after Root Canal Therapy

Core Buildup Procedure

Porcelain-Fused-to-Metal Crown Procedure

Porcelain Crown Procedure

Post and Core Procedures